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“Beauty is pain”, they say, so let’s talk waxing:

Eyebrow wax: $10

Eyebrow wax and shape $20

Lip wax$10

Chin wax $10

Jaw line wax $10

Cheek wax $10

Whole face wax $25

Chest wax $20

Half arm wax $15

Full arm wax $25

Back wax $35

Glutes (backside) wax $30

Bikini wax $15

G-string wax $30

Half leg wax $15  

Full leg wax $35




Available as a maintenance protocol. Gentle, natural products used. Great for first timers or those wanting a relaxing face treatment. Come out refreshed all over.

45 minutes   |  $

includes cleanse, scrub, tone, massage with moisturiser


60 minutes   |   $

includes above plus mask and scalp treatment


90 minutes    |   $

includes above 60 minute treatment plus scalp and hand or foot massage



Eyebrows $7.50

Eyelashes $10

Together $15





Day and night wear techniques.

Trial $40

Final $30




Pedicure and Manicures

Basic: this includes a bath with exfoliation if needed (hand or foot), nail shape, file and clean, massage (hand or foot).

Spa: as above plus colour, mask and moisturising treatment (hand or foot).

Deluxe spa: as for spa plus paraffin wax and stone therapy (hand or foot).


One or the other

Basic $40   |   :spa $40   |   deluxe spa $50


Both Pedicure + Manicure

Basic $45   |   spa   $75   |   deluxe spa $90




Body wraps

Seaweed or clay wrap used to smother your body after tantalising your skin with a massage and fine salt scrub. You’re then wrapped in a muslin cloth cocoon whilst having a delicious scalp massage. Finish with a long warm shower to remove product and ground you.


90 minutes    |   $110


120 minutes   |    $130

includes above plus footbath.

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